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Being always productive means that we aim to get more out of life with our limited time, energy, and capital. We strive to make every moment count and every action matter.

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What is Personal Productivity?

Productivity is a measure that captures our ability to create and sustain value (OUTPUT) by efficiently using our limited time, energy, and capital (INPUT). Being always productive allows us to continuously create more with less.


Why is Personal Productivity Important?

Productivity is important because it's a key determinant for progress and higher standards of living. The more productive we are, the better off we are. That's at both the macro (nations and economies) and micro (me and you) level.


How Can You Become Always Productive? 

I've read dozens of books, blogs, and articles on how to become always productive. The answer? Have a strategy. Execute that strategy. And work towards continuous improvement. This is why I created the ART Framework.


What is the ART Framework for Productivity?

The ART Framework is a five phase cycle that provides structure, direction, and guidance on improving personal productivity in a sustained way without being too prescriptive or rigid. It's the key to being always productive.


Who is the ART Framework For? 

The ART Framework is for anyone looking to take charge of their life, be who they want to be, and realize their full potential. Is this you? ART is structured to provide guidance for most people, yet flexible enough to suit most lifestyles.


When Should You Start?

You should start now. The first phase of ART is life planning. This activity requires a few hours, a pad, and pencil. Don't surrender to the law of diminishing intent (the longer you wait, the less likely you'll act).


Where Can You Get More Information?

Right here, of course! More specifically, you can find more information:

The Blog
The Boost