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Being always productive means that we aim to get more out of life with our limited time, energy, and capital. We strive to make every moment count and every action matter.

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Strive to make every moment count and every action matter

All About Always Productive

I believe that we can all be great at life; that we all have a chance to live our dreams, have purpose and follow our passions, and be who we choose to be. If we can take charge of how we spend our day and put our energy into the right actions, we can fulfill the promises talked about in all those personal development books, papers, articles, videos, and blogs.



This is the essence of Always Productive:


Strive to make every moment count and every action matter.

A bit about your host

I’ve been a technologist, quant, strategist, and innovator for more than 20 years. I’m passionate about continuous learning, fitness, nutrition, writing songs, and playing music. Professionally, I'm the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a global Fortune 500 company. Personally, I'm a husband and dad of four. 

This is why I'm here: Like so many of you, I've consumed hundreds of hours of material and conducted many productivity experiments. I've had some success and many failures. This blog will be an outlet for me to share my latest thoughts on all things productivity. But what's more exciting is that I've compiled a massive amount of material into a new book, accompanied by an online course (both are still under development, stay tuned for release information). To stay updated on the progress of these offers and get the latest productivity ideas, tips, and methods, please subscribe to the newsletter: Productivity Boost.

Now I'm here with you on the road to being always productive. Exciting! Let's connect.

My mission, hope, pledge, and ask

My mission is to help you become always productive. I’ll start with the why and how of setting up a life plan. I’ll write about creating MASSIVE goals, setting SMART objectives, using systems to achieve success, measuring and monitoring progress, and optimizing time, energy, and capital. In our journey together, I’ll dig into the workings of the brain, the importance of fitness and nutrition, and the challenges of personal finance. I’ll get into technology as well, including apps, automation, and artificial intelligence.


My hope is that we'll learn a lot together. I don't claim to have all the answers or the only solution. Our journey should be one of personal discovery and should create new value in our lives. I hope you find my personal experiences, failures, and successes relatable and meaningful.  


My pledge is that I'll share my direct, first-hand experiences and provide practical and adaptable content. When I don’t have the first-hand experience on a topic, I’ll let you know and try to point you in the right direction. In all cases, I’ll back up my writing with appropriate sources and secondary research. As an artist (I'm a songwriter) and professional (I'm the COO in a Fortune 500 financial institution), I'm sensitive to the impact of plagiarism and bad ethical behavior, so you can count on me to give credit where it's due.

My ask of you is that you interact, challenge, and question me as we go. If you see something you like, spread the word. Like, follow, share, and subscribe to show your support and help me keep this going. I also ask that you strive to make every moment in your life count and every action matter.

To stay connected, please subscribe to the newsletter: Productivity Boost.

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Privacy and legal

The content contained here at this website and blog represents my opinions. The content herein is intended solely for the entertainment of the reader (you) and the author (me) and should not be relied upon as a sole source for making any decisions.

You may read my privacy policy here.

In summary, I have not and will not sell any information you give me.