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Being always productive means that we aim to get more out of life with our limited time, energy, and capital. We strive to make every moment count and every action matter.

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Always Productive?

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Is this your first step on the personal productivity journey?

Despite the many productivity tools, apps, tips, best practices, and methods we're presented with daily, we're not nearly as productive as we want to be. I mean, we all have full schedules, right? We're all busy. We have a job (maybe more than one). Kids. Responsibilities. And if lucky, a hobby or two. So how do we take the hundreds of hours of expert advice, read all the books, watch all the videos, and experiment with all the methods, and then systematically select and apply all the good stuff? I know. Daunting.


I've put together a personal productivity framework based on my experience and industry research. I've discovered that a hodgepodge of tips, tricks, techniques, and methods is not enough; we need an integrated and overarching strategy to be always productive. Anything else is incremental.


I'm currently writing a book and designing a courses. In addition, I'll be opening up coaching opportunities in early 2019. In the meantime, sign up now, or head over to the blog to stay updated!

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The Book

The complete, concise, and simple Always Productive evidence-based system for greater productivity.

The Course

In the course, I'll walk you through the complete system as told in the book, plus all the cool tech you can use.

The Tools

I'll be publishing a number of templates, diagrams, and graphics that you can download for free.


I'm here to help and would love to hear from you! My blog and facebook page are great ways to get in touch.

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